Here's The Thing | Read Between The Wine | Breathe, Brotha | Seun Okimi

Seun Okimi

November 30, 2020

We as black women are born with a privilege

The privilege to tell story, to express, to create, with something as simple as our hair

A canvas, a weapon, a language, the backbone of many relationships, or just a fashion statement all at the same time

It’s simplicity, juxtaposed by its complexity, our hair is a privilege

A privilege that comes with so much frustration yet so much pride at the same time

In a few motions of the hand we can retell a story of ourselves

Our hair is a story, a story that we can tell for ourselves

Our hair is a privilege, and my passion is to equip others with the tools to use this well

For so long many black women, myself included, have often looked at our hair as a burden. Whether learned as a child, or developed in adulthood, there are many stigmas and negative associations with our hair, and in the midst of all of these stigmas, it can become easy to forget the privilege our hair actually is.

Through the hair tutorials and information that I share through my YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok platforms, my goal is to remove the idea that our hair is a burden by giving other women the knowledge and confidence they need to feel that they are capable of best caring for their own hair.

Through other works shared through my platforms such as my documentary The Truth About the Use of Relaxers in Nigeria, I also hope to spark conversation on the different relationships we have with our hair, and why these relationships exist.

The content I put out is made with the overall goal of improving the relationships we have with our hair through thoughtful discussion and knowledge- to help us see why and how our hair is a privilege, and to then share the tools to be able to use this privilege well.